National Church Residences develops and manages beautiful, quality communities that meet the unique needs of seniors, people with disabilities, families and others who need our help.  Our employees are highly trained and well versed in managing our apartment communities, most of which provide affordable senior housing. 

Our holistic approach focuses on helping people live healthier and more satisfying lives, while creating a sense of family and community for our residents.  In many buildings, service coordinators work to keep a watchful eye on residents and ensure they get the help they need as soon as they need it.  This allows seniors to age in place within the comfort of their homes. 



  • Service: Senior Housing

    National Church Residences offers over 300 affordable, independent living communities across 25 states and Puerto Rico. Many of our communities provide housing for seniors with low incomes who meet the criteria set by HUD.

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  • Service: Supportive Housing for the Formerly Homeless

    Permanent Supportive Housing for the formerly homeless and disabled is an approach that assumes that people are much more likely to become stable, contributing members of society when they have a safe, affordable place to live.

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