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As we work to serve the comprehensive needs of our residents throughout the United States, volunteers will play an integral role in delivering these services.  Our Volunteer Chaplaincy Program includes training modules that reflect the Core Values of National Church Residences, reading materials and training time with a chaplain to ensure that our residents are receiving quality and consistent spiritual care.

Our Volunteer Chaplaincy Program equips volunteers with the resources and training necessary to offer spiritual support and Christian care giving to those who live in our communities. The program provides the opportunity for our residents to meet with a faith-based individual who can listen, provide encouragement and help them to continue to find meaning.

Examples of What Our Volunteer Chaplains Can Offer:

Midweek Bible Studies - weekly gatherings that are open to all can create community and strengthen faith as residents meet together to learn, share and deepen their relationship with God.

Weekend Worship Services - by coordinating with neighboring churches a corporate worship service can be offered that celebrates the various traditions of the Christian faith.

Visitation - providing pastoral care in a personalized way through supportive and confidential interactions.

Doing Life Together - taking advantage to join in the numerous activities that take place during the week, on location and o site, provides a wonderful opportunity to build relationships and o er support to residents and staff.

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Current Volunteer Chaplains

Thank you for the support you offer to our seniors as they navigate new challenges, loss and celebrate life’s many blessings.

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