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Renovations Preserve Affordable Housing Communities in Belmont Co.

2/18/2020 | Recent News

Major renovations have preserved two affordable housing communities in Belmont County, Ohio, which will improve the lives of dozens of seniors by providing them with new amenities and modern updates in their apartments and community spaces. A $4 million renovation project at Barnesville Manor and a $3.1 million rehab of Bridgeport Manor were completed in the fall of 2019. Both projects restore the 51-unit communities for seniors ages 62 and older by extending the useful life of the buildings.

“Both of these senior communities had been well maintained and managed by National Church Residences, however, the 40-plus year-old buildings had never undergone a substantial rehabilitation,” said Vice President of Affordable Housing Amy Rosenthal. “We’re excited that the results will improve safety and accessibility for our residents, by preserving more than 100 affordable senior housing apartments for this region.”

Extensive renovations were made to each apartment, as well as to the main entry lobbies, community rooms, laundry facilities, business centers, fitness rooms, outdoor patios and more. The overhaul enhanced visibility throughout the inside of the buildings with brighter colors and additional lighting. Building services and amenities were upgraded and tailored to residents to promote a more vibrant community.

In addition, the community spaces were rearranged to house a new transportation office and a dedicated health clinic at Barnesville Manor. National Church Residences’ Foundation has operated a transportation program on-site since 2012, providing handicap accessible transportation to residents and to more than 200 low income seniors within the county.

The rehabilitation of Barnesville Manor also improved energy efficiency of the building to exceed the minimum Enterprise Green Communities standards. Both subsidized housing communities were built in 1975 and purchased by National Church Residences in 1999.

National Church Residences would like to recognize and thank the partners who made this project possible. Financial partners: the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, the National Equity Fund, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Huntington Bank, Red Capital Group. We also want to recognize our development partners for their commitment to preserving affordable housing to seniors in this area: First Contracting Inc. and Berardi Partners. 

Belmont County, situated in the eastern region of the state, across the Ohio River from Wheeling, West Virginia, has nearly 7,300 residents over the age of 60.

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National Church Residences serves more than 42,000 seniors through its array of housing and health care services. The not-for-profit organization is driven by a vision of advancing better living for all seniors, enabling them to remain home for life. With 340 communities in 25 states and Puerto Rico, it is the nation’s largest not-for-profit provider of affordable senior housing and the largest manager of service coordinators. The organization also offers residential senior communities, home and community-based services, as well as permanent supportive housing for the formerly homeless and disabled. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.